For Medicare Beneficiaries

If you are a Medicare beneficiary and your primary care doctor is a Trillium Health participant, you will not experience any change in your Medicare Program benefits.

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Trillium Health is a new partnership of primary care physicians and specialists joining forces to change the direction of healthcare in our region. Our vision is simple: coordinated healthcare for you, led by your primary care physician.


We’re bringing patients, doctors and other providers together to coordinate individual care programs — care directed by the patient and doctor, and not by the insurance company. With your primary care doctor at the lead, you have a knowledgeable, committed team focused on you, when you need it.


As a patient, there’s no sign-up required. If your healthcare providers are a part of Trillium Health, you’re already experiencing the benefits of this collaboration.


As physicians, we took an oath to improve lives. As a physician-led organization, we agree to share the responsibility of improving all lives in Northern Michigan. Because we believe in a healthy community. Because we believe in reducing wasted time and wasted costs, for all of us. Because we believe in giving patients a voice again.

Welcome to the future of your healthcare.


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